Barefoot Ballad

 “Summer afternoon – summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.”  
-Henry James

Dearest, Darlingest Summertime,

Every relationship must brave it at some point, if there’s ever a hope of progressing anywhere. The point has come for us I’m afraid. The DTR. These aren’t fun for either party, I know. I’ve been told by other lovers that I don’t act upon my feelings very adeptly, so, with that in mind, I feel like I owe it to you to express how I really feel about you. I’m so much more charming on paper, so please don’t think me cowardly for versing my feelings this way. I think it’ll be easier for me to truly elucidate how I feel if I refer to you in the Third Person. So here goes. I am deeply and importantly in love with summer. There are so many reasons why, really. The carelessness of summer, for one. I don’t mean carelessness as in void of generous thoughts for others or negligence or anything like that. I mean the without-a-care-in-the-world kind of carelessness that inevitably comes with the dawning of each summer morning. It’s impossible to wake up on the wrong side of the bed in the summer. In fact, I think that side hibernates during the summer. “Happy” gets redefined. I would say that sadness is an anatomical impossibility. ME! She who not only dabbles in emotion but drenches herself in it. I’m crossing my fingers that- Heaven forbid- any tragedy ever befall me, it will besummer me, because at least if something life alteringly disheartening happens between June 21st and whenev the last day of summer is, it will happen when I can cling to summer’s embrace. {If it weren’t so premature, I would say August 14th, the day Elvis died, should be the last day of summer. It might as well be the death of summer too, that way it can be the date for disarming not one but two things that make my heart beat. I never bother to learn what the last day of summer is because I don’t want to know the exact date of The End.} Anyways. Oh summer. You and your effulgent rays. I want to bask in you all of my days. There’s just so much that contributes to the wonder of it all (you).Here are just some of the culprits behind my undying love for you:
{The beach}
{Super Soaker fights with the neighborhood kids}
{Swimming at the grandparents & inventing dives with my brothers}
~To this day Alex maintains he invented the much acclaimed “Penguin Dive”… But he is sorely mistaken.~
{Swimming at our neighbor’s house down the street and me always thinking it was odd that Becky (the M.I.L.F.y mom) used her bras as bikini tops. Now I think it’s cool.}
{Crocodile Mile}
{Collecting sand dollars}
{Renting movies from 80’s Albertson’s}
{Staying in our family’s timeshare in Carlsbad with all my cousins}
{Frequent stops to the 7-11}
{Swimming lessons}
{The Beautiful South}
{Endless sunshine}
{Snow Cone shacks popping up like daisies}
{The smell of sunblock}
{The sound of lawn mowers}
{Endless BBQ’s(aka endless opportunities to eat a cheeseburger)}
{The. Pool.}
{Outdoor concerts}
{Warm nights}
{Bike rides}
 {Being tan}
{Running through the sprinklers}
{Baseball games}
{Staying up late just because you can}
{Truth Or Dare}
{Summer salads}
{Black bean salsa}
{Corn on the cob}
{Whimsy being a part of every day living}
{Outdoor flea markets}
{Farmer’s markets}
{New sunglasses}
{No such thing as snow}
{Floating the river}
{The Fourth of July}

{Meteor showers}
{Bare feet}
{Night swimming}
{Grandma & Grandpa’s cabin}

…To name a few. Oh summer. My only complaint is that you are ephemeral. If there were a way to capture you and keep you inside a glass bottle and drink you in and visit you any time of the year, I would sell my very soul. You can never understand the depth of my ardent adulation for you. I cherish you with all that is nearest and dearest to my heart; my allegiance is to you and you alone. Though I can appreciate fall’s alluring metamorphosis and spring’s cheerful awakening of life (winter- there is nothing upon which to congratulate you, I’m afraid), it is you, summer, to which all my enchantment is bestowed. How can I ever thank you for the exquisite rapture I find in your entity? I don’t know. But I can promise you this: You will always have my heart, my devotion, my loyalty. And when you fade into the changing colors of fall and then become absolutely absent in the abysmal winter, my heart will slow it’s beat for you, but will remain ever faithful. And when spring presents itself to to the world once again, my yearning heart will slowly find it’s normal beat again, and through the hope that comes with that awakened season, will meet it’s true source of life when spring gives way to you again. I remain yours affectionately and eternally,
Brittany Anne.
Peace and Love.