Welcome To My World

“[S]he was at heart, a dilettante, and thinking over a pleasure to come often gave him [her] a subtler satisfaction than it’s realization.”
– The Age of Innocence

So… Welcome to my world. Since my propensity for watching smutty television, idling away on Facebook for grotesque amounts of time, and my seemingly endless amounts of schoolwork don’t seem to ransom enough of my time, and since at least four people have told me I should start a blog (which is the exact amount of people it takes to convince me to do something), I decided to just go ahead and go blog myself. Though my life is sometimes bleakly mediocre, in my own imaginistic perspective, it is truly enchanting. And because I do imagine the crap outta things, as practically perfect as their manifestation may be, the “thing” rarely meets my imaginistic expectations. (Thus that quote at the top… Oh so fitting.) So, as one terribly indignant of boredom, I will try and keep this “thing” as far from boring as my mind will allow. In a letter to his brother Theo, Vincent Van Gogh once wrote: “Stretches in reality, lies, if you will, [are] often necessary”, and that just may be the theme of this whole thing. JK. But seriously.

Peace and Love.

Artwork: “Vase of Roses” by Vincent Van Gogh

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