Just Because

 “I don’t understand the question, and I won’t respond to it.”
-Lucille Bluth
I’m totally swiping this post off another blog I lurked on today. But I thought it was funciful and so now I’m putting my Brittanyesque spin on it. Well, not so much as putting my own spin on it so much as answering the questions myself…

Thirty Questions
1. Favorite Song. You thought I was gonna say Moonriver, right? That’d be my second fave. This little badboy is my numero uno.

2. Favorite Movie. You thought I was gonna say Breakfast at Tiff’s or Charade or Sabrina or Roman Holiday or Paris When It Sizzles, huh? I adore them all. But, it’s Mr. Wonderful that has probably gotten more DVD time than all the others combined. Matt Dillon: I am yours for as long as the sun and the moon shall endure. Here’s a clip from one of my very fave scenes. So amazingly 90’s.

3. Favorite Show. I’m gonna have to go with Arrested Development on this one. I love TV, period. But the old adage applies: you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone.
4. Favorite Book. 
5. Favorite Quote. “Nothing is too wonderful to be true.”
-Michael Faraday
6. Favorite Food. Eclairs. Tacos. I can’t decide!
7. Favorite Beverage. Ginger Ale.
8. Favorite Place. Carlsbad, CA
9. Favorite Thing to Wear. Sundresses.
10. What I Wore Today. Black floral print maxi dress, brown leather belt, lace vest, gold locket, brown gladiators.
11. What I Did Today. Said my prayers, went to the gym, watched the kiddos, watched The Kite Runner aka cried, hung out with my darling Jenny, watched The Bachelorette, talked to my darling brother. Rough day.
12. What I Ate Today. Carnation Instant Breakfast + Vanilla soymilk, greenish banana, cherry tomatoes and hummus, Chobani Greek yogurt (pineapple flav), cream cheese brownie, baked ziti pasta, watermelon, two snickerdoodles.
13. What’s In My Purse. Camera, coin purse, cell phone, cinnamon lipgloss, cinnamon disks, bobby pins, hand sanitizer, glasses,  recipe for Ginger Lemon cookies, TLC Pumpkin Pecan bar, birthday candles (wtf?), hair tie, Eclipse spearmint gum, Tide-To-Go pen, button that fell off my scripture cover, pens, Cafe Rio punch card, tithing slip.
14. A Bad Habit. Picking my face. Apparently it’s way of gaining control over my circumstances. According to Obsessed, anyway.
15. A Pet Peeve. As if I haven’t preached about this enough: “Could care less.” Oh, and when people don’t use adverbs.
i.e. “Drive safe!” It’s “safeLY”, fyi.
16. A Memory. Camping with my family and especially my Bompa in the Mogollon Rim in Arizona.
17. A Goal. Graduate. And then study something I really actually care about.
18. A Secret. I want a baby.
19. A Wish. That no child anywhere ever suffers. (Read or watch The Kite Runner and you won’t find this as “Miss America” as it sounds.)
20. A Hobby. I want to learn le French.
21. A Recipe. This is tried and true from the kitchen of my mama’s dear friend Crystal. It’s simply divine.
23. A Piece of Art.
Minerva Tichert
25. A Tumblr favorite. http://quotemeboy.tumblr.com/
26. A Dream. All I remember is that we were holding hands. I don’t know whose hand it was, but I know I was rapturously happy holding it.
27. A Quote From a Recent Chat. “Of course UVU will accept your BYU credits. If they didn’t that’d be like D.I. not accepting clothes from Anthro.”
28. Something That Made Me Laugh. Being woken up on the beach and asked to be his girlfriend by a man of African-American descent named Horace. Upon my respectful decline, he then asked ever so eloquently if my darling bff, also asleep, were available (“Wha’ ’bout her?”). Oh, Pacific Beach. You truly are the I.E. of San Diego.
29. Something That Gives Me Wanderlust. Eating Greek food. I need NEED neeeeeeeed to go to Greece.
30. An Anonymous Shout Out. You hardly know me, and I you. But your kisses are oh so sweet. And if summer finds favor in us and allows me to collect them one by one for a little while longer, I will be a very happy girl indeed.
Peace and Love.

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