Girl: Happy

old habits
“Reality continues to ruin my life.”
-Bill Watterson

Oh mercy. It’s been forever, hasn’t it? Now that summer’s over, it’s much harder for me to find things to be grateful for. I kid, I kid. Here’s what I’ve got for ya:

Always and forever have I been a fan of the 17-hour movie. I can never figure out who is more beautiful: Scarlett or Rhett. Anyway, I’ve always wanted to read the book and just never had three years to kill. I finally decided that it was high-time I just sucked it up and read the 1100 pager. May I just say, it is absolutely addicting. I simply cannot put it down. And Rhett is even MORE charming on paper, if you can imagine that.

This band never ceases to amaze me. Homeboy’s. got. feelings. But his voice is so satisfyingly manly that you don’t even think he’s a sissy for feeling so many things. I listen to this emo gem all the time lately, and I’m not even going through a break-up. It’s that good.
matt dillon
Ok, Ok. I know you’re probably sick of reading about him. But I can’t escape my love for him. Last week I dreamed that he was my boyfriend and we were living in Manhattan and he was ever-so-madly in love with me. He opened all my doors and cooked me dinners and rubbed my feet, and that’s only the PG version. You can imagine my utter heartache waking up only to find I was certainly not in Manhattan and certainly not his star-crossed lover. I really was completely despondent the whole rest of the day.
There it is. A frozen Snickers. They’re aight at room temperature. But throw one in the freezer and your tastebuds will literally think they’ve won the lottery.  Laugh allll you want. But seriously, I heart my heading pad more than life.

Whether or not it makes me less of a girl, I’m not sure- but I happen to love this show. It’s a nice, refreshing, gory change from all the CW garbage I watch. Disclaimer: The only reason I didn’t put Chuck Bass on this list is because he deserves his own post entirely. Duh. Hope you all are finding much to be grateful for, despite the a$$-bitingly cold weather. ‘Tis the season, after-all.

Peace and Love.

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