Always On My Mind

“One cannot live well, love well, or sleep well, until one has dined well.” 
-Virginia Woolfe
My homeboy Vincent van Gogh once said,
“The way to know life is to love many things.” For those who aren’t familiar with our boy Vince- aside from the fact that he was a prolific Post-Impressionist during the late 19th century- he was also… ardently alive. His passion for living fueled his art, and, conversely, his art actually served as a cathartic means by which to release some of the stresses he indubitably brought upon himself because of the intensity in which he felt alive. It was Vince’s “loving of many things” which I’m sure allowed him to feel so passionately about the world and his circumstances and his aliveness. 
Let’s translate that ideaology to… Brittanyology. I feel that Vincent and I may be kindred spirits for several reasons which are far too convoluted to discuss on this simple minded little blog BUT it is the aforementioned quotation which I feel binds us because, it was something he preemptively said only because I wasn’t alive yet to say it. I am a self-prolaimed lover of many things. Many, many, many things. And as my dear, long-lost friend Grant used to say about me, if I love something, I “love the hell out of it.” (He also used to say, “and if you don’t like something, you HATE it. You are a living superlative.” I don’t think anyone’s ever pin-pointed my personality as acutely as did he that day. I miss you, my good man.) 
I could loquaciously divulge all the many, many, many things that allow me to fervently “know life”, and verbally illustrate why they make my cup so very half full. Instead, I’m going to concentrate on merely one aspect of my aliveness that sometimes brings me more joy than I’m comfortable admitting…
Have you ever taken a bite of something for the first time and had the immediate, soul-penetrating musing:
“Surely Heaven designed this with me in mind”?
{“Why, yes, yes I have- and don’t call me Shirley!” would be my resounding response.}
Among my most cherished memories are the poignant moments I’ve shared with my taste buds and had the aforementioned question resonate within my entire being. I remember getting strep throat a few years ago and upon convalescing, was grievously concerned that my taste buds would never heal. It was literally the most debilitating thought I’ve ever had. Oh, but they did. And how marvelously they’ve recovered. I’m afraid that words seem to fail me when it comes to describing those foods that have brought me such mellifluous joy, that have created a symphony in my mouth, that have turned my gray skies blue…
So, I will instead visually stimulate your own taste buds and allow you to cogitate on what you (or your taste buds) love so much that it truly does allow you to “know life” a little bit better. Indeed, at least for me “the way to know life is to love many ‘foods’.”
There is no humanly possible way I could deliver every, single food item with which I have an unhealthy relationship so I just narrowed it down to the ones I crave/dream about on a regular basis (in no particular order). Drumroll please… 
Chocolate Souffle Cake with Vanilla Bean sauce from CPK. And… you gotta go a’la mode or go home.
Carne asada esta sooooo good. My Pops raised me right.
I’ve been known to eat my body weight in cinnamon rolls in less than thirty minutes.
I’ll avo your cado any day of the weeeeek.
Dear Vegetarians, You. Are. Boring. Love, B. 
(Except for you, Em.)
P.S. Why do you think Heaven made animals?? 
It’s b/c of BBQ sauce. Duh.
Pesto, Pesto, you are the very best-o.

Best formula ever, sorry to disappoint you Al Einstein: 
(1) Late Night with Chelsea Handler + (1) big fluffy bed 
+ (1-3) bowls of PB Crunch = Divine.
Sometimes really all I can think about for hours on end is a cheeseburger.
Creme brule. This is where words do indeed fail me.

I discovered these during one of my “organic only” phases. They’re organically delicious. But the wrapper isn’t bio-degradable, which is so disappointing.

 “Since when is it illegal to hide caprizzi salad anywhere?”
If only I knew where to buy cake bite seeds so that I could grow a cake bite tree. Lemme know if you ever come across any. (You can buy some actual cake bites here. They don’t sell the seeds though.)
I’m pretty sure pineapple was the fruit on that one tree that Eve wasn’t supposed to pick from. Because it’s positively sinful.

Not as sinful as this, though. I hate her.
Queso dip. I discovered this on an “organic only” phase too. Naturally.
Tip: Nachos from the gas station aren’t as good as they look. But I will hit that when a more viable option for hot cheese isn’t readily accessible. 
I am not even mad at the frozen yogurt craze and I’m crossing my fingers the dream never dies. My fave is Original Tart. I never try anything else. I’m not a dare devil.
Member cranberry limeades from Sonic? Best. Thing. Ever. Don’t get me started on nugget ice. Don’t eeeeven get me started.
I LOVE me some whole grain, American toast. But really? This > That. I love French toast, French kissing, and French fries. And in that order.
If you call this “Orange Sherbert”, I officially hate you. There’s only one “R” in sherbet, FYI.
And Oh Delilah… What would life be without creampuffs?? I don’t want to think about that right now. I’ll think about that tomorrow.

Peace and Love.

Artwork by Ju Duoqi, on display at the Paris-Beijing Photo Gallery, in the featured exhibit, “The Vegetable Museum”. This piece  is made out of various vegetables used in Chinese cuisine, including tofu, cabbage, and ginger. Radical.

3 thoughts on “Always On My Mind

  1. mr vincent is my favorite as well. don mclean has a song thats about him and i used to listen to it like crazy when i was little, thats how big of a nerd i was. if youve never heard it you should check it.


  2. So one time you came to my family birthday party. Obviously the next step was for me to stalk you on your blog. Totally love it. You turned out just as cool and articulate as 7 yr old me thought you would.


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