And The Grass Won’t Pay No Mind

the grove

“i thank You God for most this amazing

day: for the leaping greenly spirits of trees
and a blue true dream of sky; and for everything
which is natural which is infinite which is yes”
-e.e. cummings
I feel somewhat remiss in taking an eternal week to catalog what was my glorious celebration of Mother Nature last Friday. Yes, I know. Earth Day is not a real “holiday”. I get it. But for me, there is something very kindred about that day.  I just love what it represents. I do try to live in an eco-conscious fashion when fashion permits. I recycle with all my might, mind, and soul. I sometimes go organic, when my taste-buds find favor in it. I abominate littering to no end, at times even putting my own germaphobia to the test by properly disposing of this tangible form of “blatant disregard”… These are little nothings in the ear of Mother Nature, I know. There are individuals out there far more devoted than I to the cause of stewarding the planet. But I wasn’t always so concerned with it as I am now, so you must know that for me, any act participated in, in which the sole benefactoress is not me, is completely out of character. Where did this small step toward altruism begin, you ask? It’s simple and disgusting, really. One spring as I was packing up my life to move home, I realized I had accumulated grossly mountainous piles of “stuff”, none of which I wanted or needed. I loaded up all this junk onto a bed sheet, folded it up, hobo-style, lugged it down to the parking lot trashcan, and heave-ho’d it into that monstrosity of garbage. What remained was a pit in my stomach that can only be described as material gluttony. How could one so small contribute so vastly to that Juggernaut of waste? I was utterly disgusted and disappointed in myself. It was after that tragical display of excess that I promised myself I would never again be so utterly trash-y. So, of course, when April 22 finds me each year, I find sweet retreat in it and appreciate the opportunity to honor it. Consider it my self-inflicted penance for my past actions.
Even before my deplorable crimes against nature, I always had a serene sense of wonder for it. (I just didn’t connect the fact that lots of garbage equated to LESS nature…) Not so much for the “living creatures” part of nature- there are only about four animals in all creation that I don’t find scary or gross. But, there is something so alluring and sacred to me about trees and being in their company, with soft plush grass beneath my feet and all manner of botanicals surrounding us. And therefore a day devoted to the appreciation of such is hard for me to ignore. So, on this earthy day of days, I decided to celebrate by hiking to a waterfall which is conveniently thriving just down the canyon. (What a lucky girl am I?!) Oh how I adore waterfalls. I just love their majesty. It was so serene to just be surrounded by the newly green of trees and the rushing sounds of that water. But even more so because Today was in honor of just those things. (I won’t talk about the dead elk that was R.I.P.’ing at the bottom of it… Which only adds more ammunition to my opinion that animals are creepy and ruin perfectly good anythings). I began that day with a prayer to Above, thanking Him for the grace which was present in the clear sky and sunshine, and it could not have been a more inviting day to celebrate something so cherished by my little heart. If nothing else, the weather was proof to me that Heaven also celebrates Earth Day, since the days and days previous had all been painted with spring rain. Sidenote: I had the thought while journeying down the trail how marvelous it would be to have a baby on Earth Day… Oh my Mind. Sometimes it scares me, the paths It chooses to take! 
(I would name her Sage. Or him, Rush. FYI.)
 Admittedly, there has always been a part of me that would love to go completely bohemian and live solely and soulfully off of all Mama N’s bounteous resources. But alas, there are far too many mercenary pleasures which also have come to be somewhat affinitive to my soul. In a perfect world, I would be able to bathe in waterfalls daily and slumber nightly under whispery willow trees, but still have the comforts of my crisp, clean sheets and the delicacies of Anthro and eclairs. I truly do feel blessed though to live in a place where one can find pleasure in both things temporal as well as things infinite. I love the feeling of sinking my toes into warm summer sand just as much as I love sinking them into a new pair of shoes. I love savoring a crisp, fresh apple just as much as I love devouring a greasy cheeseburger. Sometimes I appreciate the quiet sound of “outside” just as much as I appreciate a Stones anthem. Thank goodness I am SO well-rounded.
May every day, in it’s own little, sacred way, be Earth Day. And may her bounteous beauty live forever as we remember that without her, we are kinda screwed.
Peace and Love.
P.S. I love knowing that there is a waterfall just down the street, and I can promise you this: I will find some way, some how, to bathe in that bad boy before summer is over.

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