Girl: Happy


“It is the sweet, simple things in life that are the real ones after all.”

-Laura Ingalls Wilder
Confession: This blog is purely and whole-heartedly a device for cataloging my eccentricities. To what end, I’m not sure. But, since someday I will have children who will only know me as their old battle-axe mother and not as this sprightly young girl that I am now, I feel it important to somehow document the spontaneous and admittedly eclectic thoughts that roam through my mind and heart so that there is proof that this girl once existed. 

(Yes, my heart has a mind of it’s own. Oh and I hope against hope that I don’t ever become a battle-axe, but one never knows.)

I’ve decided upon a new habit for L.M.T.’ly, one that will hopefully help me achieve one of my New Year’s Reso’s which was to think absolutely positive thoughts on the reg. With that goal in mind, I introduce you to…

Girl: Happy.

Only those readers who are as enamored with Elvis as I will note that each blog post is dubbed with an Elvis tune as it’s title. Marvelous, right? You didn’t think I came up with Love Me Tenderly all on my own, did you? (I did have to change it to the adverb since whether a blessing or a curse, grammar is the oxygen that I breathe.)I found the song title Girl Happy exquisitely fitting for what I have in mind. I la la love the idea of finding “Heaven’s hand” in the day to day. So often, these simple joys and sweet nothings are what puts the living into life, but sometimes get overlooked by the mundane that inevitably comes with the day to day as well.
If you are asking yourself:
“What the gobstopper is she babbling about now?”,
I’ll tell you. From now on, L.M.T.’ly will have at least one entry a week canvassing the sweet little nothings and simple joys that helped contribute to my quest for living a charmed life.
Here’s what I have so far:

No, I’m not 96, though I think I must be an old soul because why else would I love cinnamon disks and ginger ale so much?

Sally Hansen nail strips. For those lacking in steez what so many of our Vietnamese friends effortlessly execute, these are a girl’s bff. I am a lush when it comes to this website. It goes without saying, I think, that books.period. are at the very top of Life’s Little Thrills list. Right??

e.o.s. Lemon Drop lip-thingy-stuff. This has made me into that lady from the Soundgarden “Black Hole Sun” video, circa 1994. Anytime I apply it I want to eat my own lips. Yum.

Andddd… Of course, my long-lost love, The Sun. He is radiant and buttery and generous today. And I indeed am a girl (most very) happy.

Peace and Love.


4 thoughts on “Girl: Happy

  1. Thanks for the pleasant reminder that the little things in life are the sweetest. Summer-time is the easiest time time of the year for me to find those such things that make me completely happy. Like the southern California beach…and sun too of course, tunes in the car with the window down and warm air through my hair, going shoe-less, and freckles on tan skin.

    -I need to: try those SH strips and e.o.s balm like asap.
    -Discover Goodreads bc I too am drawn to just that.

    Glad to know you're doing well and that I will have much more lovely material to read here. Miss you madly!

    Oh, and P.S: I'm sipping on ginger ale as I type this.


  2. We truly are kindred souls my dear. Let me know how those nail strips work out for you.. I actually thought of you when I first saw them! There are tons of cute prints; I just thought the gold sparkles were TDF. I hope all is well with you my darling. Miss you always. XO


  3. Speaking of good reads: have you already devoted a blog entry to the books/authors you particularly like? I know good writing comes from good reading (and a lot of it), so I'm a bit curious. If you have, then kindly disregard–I'm sure I'll get to the entry eventually.


  4. Sorry for the delay, man. Just saw this! I actually haven't but that's a fantastical idea. My favorite book ever is The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton… I think it probably inspires my writing style the very most. Stand by for said blog post, tho!


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