Girl: Happy

“Simple things bring infinite pleasure.”

-Joan Marquez

Here’s what’s making your girl happy today:

Lemon Bars oh Lemon Bars. This absolutely DOES NOT mean eclairs have been replaced. It’s just that these are more accessible lately and so I’m not about to turn them away.
She’s bohemian and passionate and intelligent and a little bit scandalous. Her words feel like my own, sometimes.

This is absolutely divine. You’ll never want to leave your sheets. Relax and Refresh, you implore? I don’t mind if I do.

I just saw Country Strong. I already loved L.M. because of Gossip Girl and Chuck Bass. I’d never seen homeboy before but it didn’t take long before I facebook status’d his name (the definition of true love). She’s delicious. He’s delicious. Their chemistry is palpable. I’m jealous of the whole bloody thing. I’ve probably watched this video 42 times.

My best days are the ones where Aubs and I have textcapades. She is my very kindred-est of kindred spirits.

And… the messy bun. This has been my go-to lately. I love low-mai anything, so naturally, when it comes to my hair, I’m going to be as lazy as possible. Mine rarely looks as good as hers though.

It usually ends up looking more like this.


And on that note… Happy Hump Day. Peace and Love.

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