Girl: Happy


“Everybody’s wearing a disguise, to hide what they’ve got left behind their eyes.
But me, I can’t cover who I am.”

-Bob Dylan

{Exasperated and melodramatic sigh}
I finally finished all of my chores and can At Last sit down to relish in some time to myself to think about my charmed life.
(I had to vent last time. I try, try, try to be positive but sometimes a woman just needs to roll up her sleeves and hate a little bit, ya feel me?)
But anyway, I have much to be thrillified by/with lately.
And in threeve… two… one…


Bob Dylan’s birfday. The folk-master turned the big seven-zero last week. Nooooo, I don’t usually celebrate the birthdays of famous people. (Except for Elvis. And Audrey. Duh.) Howev, I did show my appreciation and support for the man behind the music at a tribute concert in SLC. Having actually had the privilege of seeing Dylan perform a few summers ago, I was anxious to hear how some of his gems were interpreted by other musicians.

(Do I need to remind you of my ardent enamoration for live music? Do I?) The Folka Dots did a great rendition of “Boots of Spanish Leather” (One of my faves! Hear Nancy Griffith’s version {HERE}).
I didn’t catch the name of the band that did “Tomorrow Is a Long Time”, but it was just loverly.
(Hear Elvis’ version {HERE}). **Extra Extra Read All About It**… Bonafide Dylan quote: “The highlight of my career? That’s easy, Elvis recording one of my songs.” 

SO boss.

I didn’t always find favor with Bob- I won’t front. Because my pops is such a religious fan of the guy, my childhood was scored by chords of various Dylan anthems. I didn’t understand what the appeal was about someone sounding as if they were in excruciating pain (take “Idiot Wind” for example.) Especially when one could be listening to, I don’t know, Wilson Phillips instead… (It was the nineties, ok?) But the day I recognized a Strung Out line in his song Abandoned Love (another one of my very faves), my whole scope was broadened. It’s like my heart opened up and just swallowed him right up. Since that day, I’ve seen his influence in so many artists which I whole-heartedly adore. I’ve not only come to appreciate him for the influence he’s had on so many of my favorite musicians, but come to appreciate the artist that he is as well. Truly, there is no other musician more succinctly adept with his words than is Bob Dylan. And he’s funny, too, sometimes. Not to mention I’ve never met a harmonica’d tune I didn’t like. Happy Birthday to you, Bob. May you live for seventy more. XO

deertickposter / Deer Tick station. Oh. Delilah. Who ever do I thank? And how can I ever repay you? I feel like I’ve sprouted a new heart string.


Paris When It Sizzles =
Newest Audrey purchase. Best five smackeroos ever spent! If you haven’t seen this one yet, I highly recommend it. I can’t believe it took me this long to actually own it. I’ve also decided that my… appreciation (?) for older men can very well be attributed to Audrey movies. With the exception of Paul Baby (Breakfast at Tiffany’s), she most always ends up with a daringly older gent. So not mad at that. Disclaimer: Only older men that are “remarkably well-preserved”, FYI. I’m not a grave-robber.

And finally… O. M. Glee. Moonriver backdrop. Literal breakfast at Tiffany’s. Wicked montage. Finn and Rach locking lips. A finale indeed.

Oh, and I got new shoes. That might be the most thrillifying thing of all.
Just Like a Woman, indeed.
Peace and Love.

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